And we are off!

I had no idea the true power and depth of CSS until today - the possibilities seem endless!

text: While my prior understanding of CSS had been centred on navigating stylesheets and things related to HTML formatting, I had no idea about how it can actively draw, manipulate and animate elements on a webpage.

When I think of things that move or do anything fancy on a webpage I immediately think of Javascript or jQuery. However, given just how powerful CSS is it’s made me realise that a lot of that is not actually necessary. In fact, there are probably a few web projects that I have made in the past which don’t need the JS that I’ve included. It’ll be one less thing to worry about, and will likely run a lot faster too!

I am still getting my head around how to “draw” things using CSS. Pseudo classes are a great concept, but I have only just managed to grasp the basic use of them. I also still haven’t quite figured out how content strings in CSS work - what do they actually do and why do I need them?

It’s clear that the relationship between HTML and CSS is truly intertwined and layered. With a creative mindset and hardwork one could make some really cool shit with just these two things alone.

I’m now partway through the Response Web Design course on FreeCodeCamp (what I am using to structure my studies). It’ll be all about applied accessibility in web design tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to it! I have a very small understanding of the WCAG and ARIA tags for HTML but definitely need to brush up here.

See you all tomorrow and stay safe,