A lot has happened since my last post but I will keep it brief.

I started a new role at a new school here in Auckland. It has been just over two weeks since I began and we unfortunately just went into another Covid lockdown from yesterday, but otherwise things have been going well. My classes are a range of junior and senior, teaching predominantely art with one DVC technology class as well.

Getting back into teaching has been that everything to do with school has taken priority over everything else. I haven’t really had a chance to settle down and work on my own material for a few weeks now. Hopefully I can change this over the coming weeks.

There are a few interesting websites that I have been keeping an eye on and following their material. One is Astral Codex Ten, the new blog of Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex fame. I had only discovered SSC recently over a controversy surrounding the New York Times running a story on the author and doxxing him, leaking his real name (Scott Alexander is his first and middle name) even after asking NYT repeatedly not to do so. He has a long history of blogging and writing about various topics, including mathematics, science, politics and technology. I really enjoy his writing and highly recommend you subscribe to his Substack page.

Through Astral Codex Ten I recently also discovered the work of the Qualia Research Institute, a non-profit that describes itself as “studying consciousness in a consistent, meaningful, and rigorous way.” I have been working through their core research papers which can be found here, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in psychology and philosophy that is centered squarely on the human condition (suffering, love, etc) and the Effective Altruism (EA) movement.

Never date a poet,