My last blog post talked about how I wish to learn how to crawl before attempting to run with regards to front end development. I have gained a very rough knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS over the years through tinkering, but have never learnt the fundamental concepts and terms associated with these technologies. No structure or formal training whatsoever.

There are two things I plan on doing to rectify this. The first is going through the full stack development course on FreeCodeCamp, one that has been recommended and mentioned by many on the web including designer Édouard Urcades. The second is going through the basics on MDN, using this to create my own cookbook or glossary of concepts and terms that are fundamental to web development.

I realise that much of this is going to be fairly standard rote learning and memorising. Because of this, I intend on treating the learn like a school course with set hours throughout the day. And just like a school, I will be using a physical book to build my glossary as I am progressing through the FCC course.

With lockdown here in New Zealand extended until at least mid-May, it’s all the more reason for me to spend my time productively. Tomorrow I will set everything up and work for two hours (typical of a university lecture).