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Hi! I’m Tom,

I specialize in bridging brand identity with UX/UI to create beautiful and meaningful design solutions for the future.

Since leaving university, I’ve been lucky to have a multidisciplinary education and explore many fields of study + work; having these experiences has enriched my practice as a designer. In my work as a design teacher in secondary schools, I am always excited by the potential and possibilities generated by my students, and how their approach allows me to learn new things and challenge my own perspectives.

I’ve always admired how good design has the power to shape our world. Whether it’s through simplifying one interaction, drawing connections that weren’t previously there or giving users an opportunity to view things through a new lens, I love working on projects that make people happy.

Aside from design, I enjoy 3D printing, coffee runs, and binging episodes of Danish crime dramas.

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Google UX Design certificate, 2021
Grad Dip Teaching Secondary, The University of Auckland, 2019
BFA Hons, The University of Auckland, 2014-2017

Google Certified Educator Level 1, 2021
Elam First in Course Award 2014-2016
First Class Honours, The University of Auckland 2017