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Something for November

The past few months have been great. Things have been moving at a slower pace, allowing me to be more reflective about my actions. Stressors that once existed in Auckland no longer apply - I can take my time, avoid rushing, and still have energy left at the end of the day. Now, I have the opportunity to think about the kind of person I want to be.

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Wee tour of Pōneke

Library and study room inside Space Place, Wellington

Myself and a few others who are new to our company were given a tour of some significant sites around Wellington/Pōneke recently.

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Future content improvements

Since I first created this website, I have tried to be more aware of the issues around web accessibility (a11y). When I tried using NVDA on my old website, I was horrified and embarrassed by the experience. I used to think that alt text on images basically covered all that you needed to worry about for web a11y, but it wasn’t until I began actively testing with a variety of different tools that I found there is much more to it than this.

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A new chapter

Note: Surnames have been left out to maintain the privacy of the individuals mentioned below

Several months ago now, I taught my last class and resigned from teaching after having done it for the past three years.

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On generative art

As an art teacher, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has had on the world of art making. From the way that we create and share our work, to the very techniques and materials we use, AI has transformed the art world in ways that were once unimaginable.

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Spending this week in isolation due to being classified as a household contact.

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A long year + some ideas for the future

It’s been a long year.

While it has not been an easy one, there have been some fantastic things in 2021 that I am grateful for. I have met some wonderful new friends, colleagues, and students, and have enjoyed many laughs with them all.

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