Elmet Brae - The Land

Elmet Brae EP 1 cover art

Some of us from Merveilles, a loose collective that I’ve been part of for a while now, recently released a compilation of noise/drone/ambient music inspired by the idea of “the land”, released for free via Elmet Brae records and Beldam.

While I’ve worked with Merveilles on other projects before, this is the first one I’ve done involving sound/music. My contribution is pretty small, but it was a great thing to get involved with and a way of me connecting to where I now call home.

More details about each track and artist can be found on the dedicated microsite set up by Gogledd Orllewin. Album art was created by the talented Rostiger.

Note: if you do end up liking this, please download it once and listen locally. Music streaming is not sustainable.